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What We Do

What You Get With pinkSTONE

pinkSTONE is the only company you need for designing and building contemporary-style properties that have a high-end look and feel without the expensive price! What pinkSTONE offers, you can’t get anywhere else.

Work with 1 Team of Professionals

We have everything you need all in one place! Instead of working with 5-6 professionals for each step of the design/build process, work with just one team of experts — pinkSTONE.

Modern Looks You Can Afford

We take a different approach to design with value engineering. We cut costs through engineering so you can get the same quality and design you want at a lower cost.

Design You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Another thing that makes us different: with everything we do, we have an engineer involved and focused on your project. This helps us work around high costs to incorporate the design elements you want and ensures success with your build.

Stress-Free Design and Building Process

Building a home comes with a lot of unknowns and we believe it’s our job to remove the guesswork along the way. We can help you navigate through local jurisdictions and take any of the stress out of the building process.

We answer your top questions!

Do you want to learn more about what you get with pinkSTONE and why you should choose our design/build firm for your property? Find answers to all your frequently asked questions below!

Why do I need an architect / engineer?

Most counties and jurisdictions require the use of an architect. Also, for most rental properties, as well as personal residences, the right professional can minimize your construction budget significantly.

How much does pinkSTONE charge?

Cost varies based on the project. For our design/build package, the engineering and architectural fees are wrapped up in the building cost.

What makes pinkSTONE different?

Our approach to design is a lot different than our competition. We look at trying to do something new and different and keep it within your budget, so that you have something that no one else has, but you didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it.

What other professionals might I need on my project?

If you’re starting from what we call grassroots construction, you’re going to need a civil engineer to help you get your site plan and potentially your infrastructure laid out. However, when you come to us, we’ll handle that for you if you don’t have that.

How much experience does pinkSTONE have?

Combined, the pinkSTONE team has over 35 years of experience.

Do you charge for the first consultation?

We do not charge for the first consultation. Fill out a lead form online or give us a call, and we’ll set up an in-person consultation to walk you through the whole process and talk about your unique design requirements.

What does pinkSTONE actually do?

pinksTONE is a full-service design/build firm. We will take a project from the ground up and design it, both from an architectural and structural perspective. Then, we’ll work with our builders to get it built. We handle everything — you can walk in our office, tell us what you want, then come back later and we’ll hand you the keys to the finished product.

What size project is best to use an architect on?

Most jurisdictions require you to use some form of an architect or engineer. However, any project you’re going to invest your money into, you want a professional helping you get the best product for the best price. We take the stress out of design and build.

Will you be able to design anything I want?

While our designer has a specific aesthetic, we would love to speak with you regarding your requirements and see if it’s a good fit for pinkSTONE.

Why should I use a local architect firm?

What a lot of people don’t realize is mountain development is very different than normal development. So, people who have developed other places and built other places think that it just translates. There’s a reason why Sevier County typically doesn’t travel outside of your county for building and construction and vice versa. So, especially in this area you’re going to want somebody local who knows the individual local jurisdictions and the names of the inspectors and the subcontractors that you want to use in your project.

What happens during our individual meeting?

We’ll discuss your design requirements, and we’ll look at budget costs and give you estimates on what you can expect. Typically, we break that down per square foot, and let you know what that’s going to entail, and we talk through floor plans and location. We can also help you identify a site and locate a site if you need to.

What if I’m not sure what I want?

What we’re good at is helping you figure out what you want. Even if you know nothing about building, we can help you understand.

What type of projects do you do?

We do all types of projects. Primarily in the Sevier County area, the biggest need is investment overnight rental properties. But, we can do personal properties, and we’ve even done some commercial properties. However, we prefer as a team to do residential.

Do you work with interior designers?

Yes, we have interior designers on staff, and we’re also able to handle any of the architectural or structural demands of the project.

Do you offer residential/commercial architectural services?

Yes, we do.

Can pinkSTONE manage the whole project?

Yes, you can come into our office, and we can take you from concept to completion.

What’s included in your fees?

Our fees include all the project management, all the engineering, and all the construction.

Can you save me money?

Absolutely! Value engineering is what pinkSTONE does best.